Sales Accelerator

The SalesForce4Hire Sales Accelerator®

Once the sales prototype is designed, we take the reigns on:

  • Qualifying (IA²®)
  • Prioritizing (Dynamic Parallel Targeting®)
  • Creating (Tactical Sales Platform®)
  • Executing (Customer Acquisition Process®)

In essence, we help obtain the right sales talent armed with effective tools to call on specific, qualified prospects. Then we transfer that asset back to the client when the client is ready.

IA²® (Intellect, Authority, Ability)
IA² is a strategic business tool we use to qualify prospects. To be categorized as primary sales prospect, we make sure our prospects possess the following three attributes:

  • The intellectual ability to embrace the value proposition
  • The authority to execute a purchase
  • The ability to support it with appropriate funds

Dynamic Parallel Targeting®
Dynamic Parallel Targeting is a strategic decision-making tool that we use to evaluate market risk and prioritize competing market opportunities. This is especially effective for clients with operational or capital constraints but with a variety of revenue opportunities in different market segments. We evaluate each market segment in terms of barriers to entry, market risks, adoption rate, and market penetration cost and also consider the value the product or service offers the customer, as well as the associated earnings potential. The resulting decision matrix reveals the priorities for maximizing return on investment (ROI).

Tactical Sales Platform®
Once we’ve identified our client expectations using the IA²® and Parallel Targeting Processes®, our next step is to customize the tactical Sales Platform, the operational framework by which we assemble all the tools needed to succeed. The Tactical Sales Platform may include the following:

  • Target database integration into customer relationship management system
  • Managerial reporting system
  • Customer and field sales support procedures
  • Adverse incident reporting, recall, and quarantine procedures
  • Sales training materials, curriculum, and tool kit
  • Telecom and email
  • Order fulfillment and distribution support
  • Customer support personnel and training

Customer Acquisition Process®
The SalesForce4Hire Sales Accelerator® culminates into the Customer Acquisition Process®. Each phase of the Sales Accelerator System builds the value of A) the revenue-generating asset, B) the emerging sales team, and C) the supporting infrastructure. The process helps us gain insight in the value exchange a the point of sale with the target prospect – insight that guides the sales team’s building process in terms of optimal skill sets, intellectual capacity, motivational factors, required experience and sales sophistication, compensation considerations, and required detailing and sales intensity. The Customer Acquisition Process includes:

  • Sales model optimization (direct, shared-bag, independent, or custom mix)
  • Sales team recruitment (missionary, hunter, farmer, commodity/distribution, or telesales)
  • Sales team training
  • Sales team motivation and leadership
  • Sales team management