Value Creating Partnership Approach

We believe that success comes from effectively identifying and solving problems together, enabling our clients to make the right decisions for their unique business and creating custom-built, long-term sustainability.

SalesForce4Hire partnerships are built to promote a collaborative working relationship and to align interests by sharing risk and reward. Deep industry experience has afforded us a unique understanding of the healthcare ecosystem, which enables our team to streamline and shape analysis and decision-making based upon the intricacies of each clients’ needs. Our specially made solutions are designed to integrate with existing operating processes and to be seamlessly transitioned into the client organization at the end of the engagement.

SalesForce4Hire receives a one-time engagement cost and, as the partnership sees success, collects payments in the form of royalties, equity, or performance payments. As a result of this structure, we are constantly working to optimize and improve our clients results. We incorporate commercial infrastructure, partnership expertise, and our ability to recruit and manage a custom sales force to increase asset value and reach optimal project performance for our Clients.

Commercial Value-Add

The SalesForce4Hire Sales Accelerator® and Processes

The SalesForce4Hire Sales Accelerator® is a proprietary tool that SalesForce4Hire implements to generate a unique commercial value-add for our clients. Working together, we evaluate the market by defining and validating the opportunity. We then focus on the customer by qualifying prospects and prioritizing targets to optimize product positioning. Finally, we create the infrastructure necessary and engage in the market capture process through our proven ability to recruit, hire, train, launch, manage, and optimize sales teams.

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