Medical Device Commercialization

SalesForce4Hire has over 20 years of experience in medical device commercialization partnerships that have allowed companies to reduce operational costs, reduce overall risk and maximize efficiency. Our process is non-disruptive to the core organization which in return will provide an opportunity to accelerate asset value growth.

SalesForce4Hire was created because there was a need in the medical device commercialization space, for custom strategies that would assist in accelerating the entire process without taking too much risk. Our team develops and implements custom commercialization strategies for the introduction of new products and revitalization of mature product lines and businesses. Developed and refined through years of proven success in medical device sales, our model produces field-tested sales and marketing solutions for the Pre-Launch, Market Launch, and Post Launch phases of commercialization. We focus on supporting management teams and the investors that back them.

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Learn how our commercialization engagements accelerate revenue forecast and delivered a 16% sales increase.

Valued Based Medical Device Commercialization

Providing partnerships through the process of commercialization reduces operational costs, maximizes efficiency and increases agility for our Clients. Our proven market-penetration strategy can adapt to any client needs. We participate in the implementation and lead our strategy through the risk-sharing relationship. SalesForce4Hire has trademarked tools to validate opportunities  and accelerate value creation.


Teams to bend the revenue curve and drive shareholder value

  • Optimal Market Alignment
  • Ideal Rep Profile
  • Territory Mapping & Design
  • Sales Training


Customized, Client-branded sales teams deployed with speed and focus

  • The Launch Process
  • Field Readiness Training
  • Mobile Sales Capabilities
  • Infrastructure Support


Real-time Metrics that Matter® and provide essential data to pivot quickly

  • Field Activity Reporting
  • Pipeline Insight
  • Lead Generation Tracking
  • Revenue Forecasting


Client goals and sales team performance to accelerate value creation

  • Client Involvement
  • Sales Team Needs
  • Reinforcement Training
  • Faster Strategic Pivots

Medical Device Partnerships

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