Sales Force Design

Healthcare Sales Force Design and Medical Sales Outsourcing Solutions

SalesForce4Hire embraces healthcare sales force design challenges from companies seeking medical sales outsourcing solutions. We have been forming partnerships for over a decade with four types of entities:

  1. Investors seeking healthcare portfolio expansion
  2. Emerging companies nearing product launch
  3. Fortune 500 companies looking to expand selling capacity
  4. International companies interested in gaining U.S. market share

We take a strategic and fully customized approach to the sales segment, an approach that ranges from complete sales force overhaul and 1099 employee absorption to remediation of existing sales teams.

Companies interested in medical sales outsourcing are aware of the costly and time-consuming nature of healthcare sales force design—we form partnerships to relieve companies of some of the pitfalls that healthcare presents.

We combine our territory design expertise with your superior product knowledge to build teams of dedicated reps that are not only excellent sellers but exist in specific areas where they will have the most success.

Designing these strategies with innovative healthcare companies is what keeps us motivated.

Critical Factors to define:

  • Sales Role
  • Size of Sales Force
  • Performance Measuring
  • Degree of Specialization required
  • Reporting Metrics that Matter®

Activities to ensure Success:

  • Building the Ideal Rep Profile
  • Sales Cycle Process Creation/Refinement
  • Performance Measuring
  • Compensation Planning
  • Strategic Market Selection for Rep Placement
  • Scalability Model

We take the guesswork out and streamline the process with our exclusive Sales Accelerator™ System. Once the team is defined, we deploy a highly-structured and interactive sales team environment that promotes optimal success.

Sales Accelerator features:

  • Customer Qualification – Embrace value proposition, buying influence/authority, Ability to buy
  • Market/Channel Strategy – Adoption drivers/accelerators, value proposition strength, market size, barrier to entry, market risks
  • Territory Strategy – Optimum territory design based on business objectives
  • Sales Operations – CRM systems, content management, mobile sales tools, centralized data and reporting, customer and field sales support and managerial reporting