Sales Enablement Tools

SalesForce4Hire helps clients maximize sales efforts. Our expertise is the process. We work with companies to identify what the best sales enablement tools are to create the most effective sales process that you can track, analyze and adjust. Through the usage of state of the art third party tools and platforms, we are able to customize a power-suite of integrated tools to fit your specific project and data analytics needs.

Areas we focus:

  • CRM/Data Analytics
  • Content Management/Mobility

Improve Sales Execution

CRM/Data Analytics

Our selling experience has solidified our belief that no sales organization can maximize its potential without a strong infrastructure. We work closely with you to establish key data points to capture that will enhance and accelerate the sales cycle. Our value is in our combined ability to analyze field intelligence and quickly implement changes that capitalize on market trends. We call these Metrics that Matter.

Key Metrics that Matter:

  • Field activity reporting
  • Pipeline/opportunities review
  • Revenue Forecasting (FactCast)
  • Marketing/lead generation efforts
  • Conversion ratios
  • Lifecycle timeline management
  • Distributor interactions
  • Market feedback/barriers to entry

Content Management/Mobility

We create secure, fully-customizable and highly-structured mobile environments for our sales professionals, along with real-time access and usage reporting. Our methods ensure they have direct access to the latest, most up-to-date marketing materials, white papers, clinical results, product specifications and pricing guidelines they need to engage with customers.

What does that mean for you?

  • On-Demand materials access
  • Secure product clinical, technical, and pricing information
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Track and analyze rep activity in the field
  • Track collateral usage and message effectiveness


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