Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation Perfected with Sales Team Revenue Solutions

SalesForce4Hire has developed a sales compensation model composed of consistent and measurable sales team revenue solutions. We customize the approach according to your specific needs and to achieve complete sales force optimization.

We understand that sales compensation affects behavior in the field, so we construct sales team revenue solutions that dually secure top-level performance from individual reps and efficiently manage company resources.

Our Sales Team Management

Our in-house sales management team has dozens of years of combined experience as field reps themselves.

Their goal is to maximize the efforts of their sales teams by outlining objectives, segmenting territories, and determining quotas and call points, with the idea that this plan will remain fluid, flexible, and customized to your revenue goals.

Based on market considerations, we will offer strategies unique to your company’s size and stage within the healthcare industry—from emerging startup to Fortune 500.

Once we have an understanding of your goals, whether they be to drive portfolio value, increase selling capacity, or remediate the sales of an existing product, we can design a sales compensation plan that truly reinforces your confidence in our sales team revenue solutions.

Factors we consider when designing sales compensation:

  • Territories distribution among sales reps
  • Geographic desirability of territories
  • Clearly defined sales goals
  • How to reward achievements
  • Sales compensation plan analytics

Adjusting to Industry Changes

SalesForce4Hire can test a sales compensation plan through a pilot program and adjust based on results.

We’ll ensure your reps are accountable to their sales quotas and that they hit their quarterly goals, whether their commissions are capped or uncapped.

Once we have a clear understanding of your sales goals, we customize a plan that can be altered based on performance, including rewarding top producers who can build a strong customer base and filtering out those who do not fit into your sales program.

Together, we will reward top-performing reps who support a strong customer base; we will filter out non-performers and continuously optimize the entire process.