Proof of Concept

Expert Product Validation with Proof of Concept Prototyping

Proof of Concept prototyping is a process SalesForce4Hire uses in conjunction with Sales Prototyping® to validate a product’s sales strategy and lay the groundwork for a sustainable, revenue-driven medical company.

We can develop sales strategies and validate the products of four types of medical companies: emerging start-ups, international companies entering the US market, large corporations, and investors interested in expanding their healthcare portfolio.

Our Process

For medical device, diagnostic, and biotech/pharma companies, it is critical to establish and validate a sales plan, process, and product efficacy—before time and financial commitments are made. Our proven Sales Prototyping® model allows companies to cost-effectively optimize sales and product strategies while minimizing business risk.

We Use Sales Prototyping® to:

  • Pilot – Implement a small, scalable market launch.
  • Optimize – Rapidly validate the market opportunity.
  • Validate – Rapidly validate the business opportunity.
  • Define – Assess long-term sustainability and new channels for expansion

Real-Time Data You Can See

SalesForce4Hire is capable of determining buying and selling processes, trends, and market entry challenges. Our deliverable back to you is a FactCast®, based on actionable information:

  • Sales Process Execution/Validation
  • Product Validation
  • Call-Point Validation
  • Value Proposition Validation

To support the sales process and business strategy SalesForce4Hire develops for you, we offer data analytics solutions that prove the value in validation. As your partner in commercialization, we strive to provide real-time data that plainly displays the success we have worked together to produce.

The Sales Prototyping® model allows clients to:

Quickly and confidently identify, evaluate, and negotiate product opportunities by:

  • Avoiding long-term investment in human capital (HR)
  • Avoiding excessive financial liability
  • Maintaining command and control of management resources
  • Accelerate market capture faster than the competition

From identifying key market territories and early adopters, our proof of concept prototyping and sales prototyping methods develop effective value propositions and marketing strategies.