A Sales Team Onboarding Strategy Beyond Sales Rep Training

A proficient sales team onboarding strategy will effectively address, but not be limited to, sales rep training. For medical device, diagnostic, healthcare IT, and pharma/biotech companies, onboarding is a costly but unavoidable expense.

SalesForce4Hire maximizes its clients’ resources throughout the sales rep training process with a human resources-centric sales team onboarding strategy.

Some of our HR services include:

  • Recruiting
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Interviews
  • New hire training/onboarding
  • Employee credentialing
  • Education continuation

Validating the Sales Team Onboarding Process

SalesForce4Hire fulfills the current demand for outsourced sales teams that can prove a concept before large investments are made.

Our recruiting, hiring, training, and managing capabilities cover companies of all sizes at any stage—whether it be a full team outsource for new product launch, an expansion on existing in-house teams, or strategic sourcing for an investment-driven goal.

The value of our sales team onboarding strategy is its ability to minimize your headcount and absorb your 1099’s, relieving your company of many stressors the medtech industry creates.

The SalesForce4Hire Onboarding Process


  • 100% dedicated sales teams
  • Custom hired to fit your organizations culture and values – for smooth integration
  • Strategic flexibility – Short/long term validation teams, vacant territory coverage


  • Improved Productivity
  • Headcount Flexibility based on product/market conditions
  • Reduced HR Risk
  • Reduced Infrastructure Investment

Tools for Success

On day 1, SalesForce4Hire provides all new employees with the tools they need to meet and exceed sales goals:

  • iPad (fully loaded with all software and apps)
  • Email already up and running
  • Training on all applications
  • CRM access
  • Mobile sales platform access
  • Expense reporting
  • Product training
  • Business cards
  • Introduction to the Sales Support Team

Our decades in medtech sales and marketing have led us to conclude that the key to accelerated revenue is to simply spend more time selling. By outsourcing your sales segment to SalesForce4Hire, your company receives a wealth of experience and an invaluable amount of time.