New Product Launch Strategy

Drive Revenue with a New Product Launch Strategy

Medical companies who develop excellent a New Product Launch Strategy position themselves to identify key growth opportunities and capitalize on them. Only by utilizing an equally excellent product marketing plan can those companies reap the full capacity of benefits.

SalesForce4Hire partners with medical companies to quickly implement new product launch strategies and product marketing plans that prioritize resources and meet revenue goals.

Launching a New Product in a New Market

Territory design is a large piece of the new product launch puzzle. SalesForce4Hire focuses the launch process by targeting specific regions where the best opportunities exist. To best adapt to market changes, all offered solutions are adaptable and designed to complement one another.

A Customizable Launch Strategy Can Include:

  • Resource Prioritization – Getting the right sales force in the right territories
  • Channel Strategy Development – Identifying key distributors and partners
  • Support Operations – Preparing the in-house sales support team with training and CRM tools
  • Lead Generation Strategy – Defining marketing and sales activities to gain customer contacts
  • Implementation Plan Development – Detailing the list of costs, schedules and objectives
  • Short/Long-term Infrastructure Support – Projecting the resources needed currently and in the future (example) :
    • Sales Manager – A dedicated sales leader managing only your team of sales professionals
    • Marketing Manager – An expert who can spearhead your marketing activities

Creating Value in Product Launch

To successfully launch a product, it is critical to design the right team of dedicated reps with superior product knowledge and deploy them to the right territories where they can deliver the most impactful value proposition.

We believe having the ability to perfect this model and scale appropriately is priceless; our success with implementing and deploying sales teams has allowed us to formulate a customizable process medical companies of any size can benefit from.