Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Proficient Human Resource Management for Healthcare Companies

SalesForce4Hire offers human resource management solutions for medical device, diagnostic, biotech/pharma, and healthcare IT companies. Our HR department focuses on high-quality sales rep recruiting and manages teams in two functions: traditional HR and robust talent management.

SalesForce4Hire HR Functionality

Our human resource management process is designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain top sales talent. We start the sales rep recruiting process with a method focused on selecting the ideal candidate who possesses three key criteria components:

  • Skill-set and experience level best suited for the position
  • Demonstrated ability to out-perform in an entrepreneurial environment as part of a team
  • Outstanding fit within your organization’s culture for smooth integration

Effective sales rep recruiting and hiring will accelerate the deployment timeline and ensure efficiency. SalesForce4Hire has designed its HR team to work cohesively with your sales goals—a rep that can produce sales quickly while maintaining team chemistry is our target candidate. Our HR professionals oversee the onboarding and talent management processes from start to finish.

SalesForce4Hire Takes on Your 1099s

An additional benefit to SalesForce4Hire’s human resource management model is its ability to absorb your 1099 employees.

These sales reps are SalesForce4Hire employees, but they will be assigned exclusively to your project and dedicated to selling your product. Relieving your company of 1099 employees frees it of HR and compliance pressures that drain resources and delay the selling cycle.

Traditional Human Resources

– Administratively-focused, we handle all aspects of employee relations.

  • Recruiting
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Interviews
  • New hire training
  • Employee credentialing
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Employee conflict and complaints
  • Employee support services

Robust Talent Management

– Strategically-focused, we help develop and improve top talent for your organization.

  • Performance improvement Plans
  • Management training programs
  • Industry educational opportunities

SalesForce4Hire’s human resource management and sales rep recruiting solutions expertly administrate the sales teams that will take your company to the next level. Your team is the most valuable resource within the company—we support its growth and minimize its cost.