Due Diligence

Due Diligence and Healthcare Portfolio Expansion

Due Diligence for Investors Seeking Healthcare Portfolio Expansion

SalesForce4Hire offers due diligence solutions to investors interested in healthcare portfolio expansion. Our team is comprised of medtech investment experts who hold a valuable cache of asset creation knowledge, specifically in the healthcare market.

For potential investors, an engagement is a success if it progresses at an accelerated pace and yields a max return. SalesForce4Hire maintains that conviction through every stage of due diligence.

We understand how rigorous the investment assessment process can be from any angle in healthcare, so we offer customized approaches to investors interested in the following types of companies:

  1. Medical Device
  2. Diagnostic
  3. Healthcare IT
  4. Pharma/Biotech

Opportunity Assessment and Investment Blueprinting

Our in-depth assessment of a technology and the company creating it will assist in providing you the landscape you need to create a strategic plan and make an informed decision as you conduct a healthcare portfolio expansion.

The depth of our immersion in healthcare puts us in the inside track in providing clients with details of potential deal breakers and obstacles to be wary of when approaching an investment opportunity.

We’ll map out a blueprint of how to successfully invest in the sector that interests you and customize it to your exact needs.

What to Expect from our Assessment:

  • Objectives review
  • Clinical data and product development review
  • Evaluation of executive team strategy and goals
  • Sales and marketing operations review
  • Assessment of competing products/companies
  • Risk assessment
  • Intellectual properties review (patents, trademarks, etc.) where applicable

The medical technology industry is heavily regulated and complex. Our due diligence program will provide you with a far-reaching and robust review of the clinical and marketable elements of a potential investment opportunity.

We work to establish what the development roadmap looks like and an outline of costs that will help you determine if a company will be profitable and provide you with valuable ROI.