Commercial Forensics

An unbiased 360° view of your commercial organization.  We partner with clients across the industry to perform a “deep dive” diagnostic around current sales, marketing, and customer support activities. Unlike a traditional consultant’s report, our assessments and recommendations are based upon 17+ years of practical and effective, commercial execution expertise. We work closely and collaboratively with your team to identify deficiencies, vulnerabilities, and gaps in market strategy, value-based product messaging, execution, sales training, and sales management to provide sound, action-based recommendations to address these areas.

Market Strategy:

  • Target/Channel Review
  • Territory Design Analysis
  • Resource Allocation to Goals Reviews

Sales Operations:

  • Training Assessment
  • Activities to Goals Assessment
  • Sales team Performance Review
  • Compensation Review
  • Sales Process Analysis

Commercial Effectiveness:

  • Value Proposition/Stakeholder Messaging Review
  • Marketing Focus to Sales Conversion Analysis
  • Sales Tools to Sales Process Matchup

Commercial Deployment

Our process is non-disruptive to your core organization and provides additional power to drive value. We build, train and manage highly experienced, specialty sales and support teams.  Our shared risk/shared reward, strategic partnering model means we don’t win unless you win. Our model allows for strategic flexibility and the ability to adapt to aggressive market pivots.  We work closely with you to custom design a sales model and team that will meet your business objectives.  Whether you are responding to market changes, increasing your geographical footprint or pursuing alternative sales models, the customized teams we deploy are dedicated for focus and impact (no shared bags).

Strategic Partnering

Today’s business environment is increasingly complex, interdependent, and moving at high speed.  Competing in today’s ecosystem can benefit from an acute focus on core competencies combined with a well thought out approach to strategic partnering. SF4H occupies a unique seat at the table that provides us leverage into commercial opportunities. Our industry insight combined with financial and intellectual capital enables us to directly expand the value of commercial assets, product lines, and companies. SF4H’s business model is predicated on being able to seamlessly integrate and ultimately disengage with partnering companies after delivering value.

The Engagement Structure:

Case Studies

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